a coffee break

I have come
for a minute
and stayed

half an hour

maybe more

perhaps …

perhaps a lifetime
in such a short while

I breathe it in
inhale the taste
and the aroma

when I see myself
I have changed
I am not so young
as I should be

I look around me
and behind the shock
I see

has really changed
it’s just me
in a mood
of reflection

although the clock
ever relentless
has moved on
and now
the time has come

and I must

au revoir
I’ll see you later

the next time
our paths
like this
cross each other
in another kitchen

when it will be
my turn
to perc the kettle

to spill the beans

to warm the milk

my turn
to turn around
and wonder

did it go

have I been

© Frank Prem, 2017



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