March is here

here lies the month
of March

what will it hold for me

start Autumn days

end daylight saving time

pretend-Summer running on

maybe tomatoes
red at long last

what will March hold
for me

the trees are just beginning
to turn from their green
into brown

the sun still squeezes heat
from its rays

and I sit in air con
though Autumn has come
it still feels like February
to me

it still feels February

© Frank Prem, 2017

March 2017 Poem #2: the gentle art


7 thoughts on “March is here

  1. Funny how I’m sitting here reading this …. and it’s still technically 20 odd days until “calendar” spring arrives …. and it’s raining …. it’s grey and mild enough for now, and tonight the drop back into cold, with some light snow – and hey, the next few days? Some one leaves the Arctic barn door open as winter floods in for another sweep.

    Everything is still in that “grey” zone of in between here – and will be for some time …. and so as you start your walk into Autumn – slow amble? – it’ll be interesting to see and hear the blazing colours and final trumpets calling out as Summer casually lingers.

    Here’s hoping that your next season brings wonderful moments of discovery and well, naturally – reflections. 🙂

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