Ned Kelly and me

Fire in the Belly - Original 'Ned Kelly' CD - Leanne Murphy, 2010 - Frank recommends a listen. I grew up in the Ned Kelly town of Beechworth I know that Greta had the hideout Jerilderee got his important mail and Glenrowan had his very last stand but when I grew up Beechworth was the only … Continue reading Ned Kelly and me

at the social security office

there’s a greeter at the door she must be full of knowledge to be able to direct all enquiries to the right places but when I stepped too close she looked instantly scared backed away from me as though I was a threat in the process of materialization in the voice that they use the … Continue reading at the social security office

universe smiles

when he closed his eyes to sleep the stars appeared and through the night they twinkled and shone a slow pirouette danced around the darkness by glittering sequins arrayed across the sky in his dream he smiled ~ when he opened his eyes awake the sun was there golden upon the blue that became day … Continue reading universe smiles

a touch of succulence on Barkly Street

this would have to be Footscray where else to find the Melbourne Chinese Bible Church but on Barkly Street a launderette an empty ex-Vietnamese eatery and a combination flower shop and coffee parlour of deep blue looks that might have been transplanted from a place altogether more salubrious as suggested by the decorative lounge setting … Continue reading a touch of succulence on Barkly Street

Willow Lights

the ornamental willow is still bare of leaves its branches form a mat of curling chaos where tree overhangs house sillhoueted starkness that moves gentle like a murmur in the remnant breeze of a day of storm violence and bluster away from the line of vision a street-lamp scarcely disturbs the sombre colour of night … Continue reading Willow Lights