the time traveler reflects

travelling back
through time
is such a drag

don’t you agree

it has its uses

I know

small corrections
here and there

smoother trails
into the sunset
that can’t be changed

yeah yeah

don’t show yourself
to younger you

don’t reveal your face
to anyone
you know

to anyone
you once knew

lest they double-take
and change
the big continuum
of space
and then-and-there
or here-and-now

god help you
if you show
just once
who you are
to anyone at all
that could matter
in your life

in their life

how are you to know

it’s over-rated
why don’t you
and I
settle down somewhere
right now

and get to know
what this little moment

to the full
and without regrets
that might need
a tweaking

there is really

let’s do it

© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #30: the time traveler reflects


7 thoughts on “the time traveler reflects

  1. I think about this concept a lot and how people naturally replay the past and try to change it. Like your advice, I pretend to be myself in the future, looking at myself now, so I can focus on living in the present.

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  2. The immediacy of the moment – why does it hold so much “fear” is indeed a great question. Memories, the past, shuffled – replayed, rearranged, and dreaming of a “perfect” future …. all timeless, eternal, confounding, nagging ideas we two-step with …. when really, now is indeed, the best of any of it – and what happens now can make or break the past and direct the future.

    Great piece Frank – really like the feeling and tone 🙂

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