winter ritual


she’s been outside
with the dog

it’s cold out there
as cold as frost or snow

as cold as the slate sky


the relevance of winter is
in some ways
to the main game
of routine and ritual

of hygiene and anti-mould

so every morning
through until breakfast has been eaten
and the dog played with
until it’s time to grind the beans
for coffee
the windows of the house
are open

to the chill temperatures
and the discerning draught
that finds it’s way
inside my bones

are you cold
should we turn the heater on

a coded signal
that translates to

it’s time to shut the windows
and the doors
and turn the heater on

but I don’t get it

I never get it
and always take a moment
to consider

am I cold
did the bone-chill happen today

would I
be just as happy
to have the doors and windows closed
so there is no draught

I respond

it’s not too bad today
I think I’m ok

what about you

when I look up
I see response is unnecessary

the heater is already in the process
of warming up

the answer
as tangential as the question
to the main game
of routine and ritual

© Frank Prem, 2009


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