bear in

I am known
as bear

I roam the woods
and the forests
of your mind

seeking bright-eyed
shucking husks
from ripened kernels
catching salmon-ated dreams
as they leap
to try evasion
of my grasp

even when I’m sleeping
call it winter
if you will
I keep an eye
to stay in touch
with what you do

excuse me
if I snore
if I disturb
your subtler thoughts
I am known
as bear
I roam your forests

and if I occasionally
I have never
intended harm

I scrape my claws
I scratch my back
against the trees
and shrubs
left along your path

can you hear me

can you feel me

I am rumbling
across the grass bent
by your footsteps

I am your bear

I roam your head

sniffing what you’re thinking
where you’re going
what you’ve done

your woods and forests
your big ideas
everything you know
what you’ve left

I stand alongside you
on your pinnacles
to survey the realm
we know

you in your way
I in bear-way

we watch over
the forest and the woods
that are our home

© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #23: size and stature

5 thoughts on “bear in

  1. Unique idea. Great metaphor. Incredible imageries. And a refreshing approach to a “bear in” our mind. The entire poem has that engaging or alluring element, where your mind is awed by it and your heart just relaxes. As I’m strolling from one stanza to the next, I have that fresh feel, much like cool breezes that come along as I sit outside on a warm summer day. And after I’ve read the last line, I nod approvingly and smile; any poem that does that is a great one. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

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