under the skin

Psychiatry 5: Hostel Life – Poem 68

they are morphogenetic twins
with only superficial differences
disguises to mislead the inattentive

cardigan overlay
streaky grey hair

platinum blonde wig
wide broad red lipstick



piercing SHRIEK

piercing SHRIEK

it’s not my fault paul
it was the other one that did it paul
I’m only six years old

It’s not my fault frank
it was bella inside me she did it
I’m only twenty-three

can I have a smoke
it’s time for my smoke now paul

frank will you get my smoke now
I want my smoke now frank

oh you’re such a BASTARD paul
get out get out GET AWAY FROM ME
I HATE you

I am SO going to marry robert
he DID NOT write that he wants me out of his life
I HATE you frank you’re a BASTARD

hahahaha I like you paul
you’re not too bad

I really like you frank
you’re nicer than those other nurses

good night paul

good night frank

goodnight my dear girls

© Frank Prem, 2016

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12 thoughts on “under the skin

      • There is some really strange issues lately. Too many users and WP themselves are too quick to blame self hosted sites, but the problems are system wide and they vary user to user. It could still be a users computer but it’s unbelievable the number of people I’ve heard this week complaining that something doesn’t work.

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      • I agree it’s irritating, posting comments is our right 🙂

        Last time I had issues commenting one user reported that I was being dumped straight into their spam, yet I was able to comment on a few other sites. Through someone else the other day (day after your issue started) I heard that like buttons were either not working or not there at all, they blamed self hosted sites initially but I was able to disprove that because the like system is completely run by WP, but I’ve never had an issue with likes not working, despite all my other issues.

        It’s truly weird and I can understand why they have trouble tracking it down but at time it appears they don’t want to.

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  1. There is a sensitivity to this piece Frank – and yet an underlying “creepiness” … literally gets under my skin … which means you’ve translated this person’s afflictions extremely well. Leaves me speechless and yes, somewhat unsettled.

    Liked by 1 person

      • That’s one thing I can appreciate about your writing, among the many things, Frank – it’s that despite the “conditions” and the “difficult” subject matter, no matter how “problematic” the people, you paint the scenes with sensitivity – and them as well, sharing perspectives that include frustration, pain, annoyance, joy, celebration, mistrust etc. – the full range of it – whether it be from patient’s point of view, or nursing staff, or as administrator etc. – and you do with honesty – AND – integrity. And this is a true gift.

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