before breakfast

Psychiatry 5: Hostel Life – Poem 67

these four are a hormone
there’s one for your blood
a small one so you piddle
two to get you sorted
down below
and in behind

the purples are for mood swings
the green one my dear
is just because you’re mad

and in case of a side effect
there’s one more as well

hold out your hand
it’s like a bag full of lollies
isn’t it
there’s gob-stops
jelly beans and smarties
and a drink with some fizz

be careful
don’t fart

no don’t ask
just swallow them down
my dear

I’ll get you a slice of warm toast
with marmalade

enjoy your breakfast

© Frank Prem, 2016

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9 thoughts on “before breakfast

    • As a nurse? It’s always easier when you are the one dishing out the pills. This is actually a very big question. It would take some effort to do it justice, and this probably isn’t the place for it. Good question, though.


      • Oddly enough my first thought was that the patient was probably so lost they didn’t notice, but you obviously did because the compassion was obvious.
        And then I thought that I couldn’t keep giving like that….:(

        Liked by 1 person

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