the tweedle man

Psychiatry 5: Hostel Life – Poem 66

they dress him in braces
that hold up his jeans
to just under his chest

with a red cap on top
he is baby brother
to the tweedles
both dum and dee

special built boots for club feet
adjust a walking slant
that can’t make up its mind
to be either a jaunt
or a topple-in-progress

under the cap is the devil of a grin
and the gleam from his eyes
could be a boy’s glass marbles
peeping out from a close-held bag


look at my pants nurse

it’s an outrage
to be wet again

look nursey
look at my pants

who’s going to change him


and after that
it’s unspoken but shared
that it’s ever so much better
dear nursey
sweet nurse
much much better
to be dry

he slant-saunters away
hidden somewhere under the brim
of his hat

tweedle-ee tweedle-ay

© Frank Prem, 2016
Next -before breakfast


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