cigarette? still laughing!

Psychiatry 5: Hostel Life – Poem 65

she’s a stroller
with teeth
false ones that shine bright
like ill-fitting pickets
behind a rictus of lips

and that particular laugh

heh heh heh Heh HEh HEH HEH

would work best
around a cauldron
in a group of three

with thunder

beady-eyed chief scrounger
her stroll is always

in pursuit

of an unfinished cigarette
a butt-end that can be manipulated
to provide the elusive last drag
or a light
to get the


damn thing going

on sunny days
the cackle
filters down the slope of the yard

from where she reclines
on the hostel’s broken chaise lounge
and chortles to a private amusement
from the apex position
that commands a view
of every likely location
and repository
for a careless discard

retrieved swiftly
like the bright flash
of descended lightning
while the fag-end still bravely salutes
with the rise of a sinuous blue wisp

oh yes
this is the good life

heh Heh HEH

© Frank Prem, 2016

Next – the tweedle man

This poem has appeared on the blog previously. It is included here to place it in context.


3 thoughts on “cigarette? still laughing!

  1. wow – this is great conjuring of images …. and such incredible words … sinuous blue wisp … ohhh…. how this is entirely seductive …. if one is particular to smoking ….. love the feeling of this …. she strikes me as part crone part witch part black bird …..

    Liked by 1 person

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