trying to be helpful

I will wear
my boots
that were made
for combat

my camo pants
and my camo shirt

a slouch hat
like the soldiery

with a feather
on one side

fortify myself
with a strong shot
of coffee

a shot of milk

I am a bad-ass man
(I tell myself)
ready again
to do battle


he fires a shot
down low
his gun
a guttural grunter

he sets his traps

and stakes
await the unwary stumble



he fires a dead breath
in my direction



I see it coming
step aside



it’s a battle
but I think
I might be winning



his aim
is striking every damned hiding place
but mine


there are stertors
in the minefield
there are stertors
chasing me
through the air

he’s trying to take down
every movement
every target

his aim
may be a little
but it’s finding
ever damned hiding place

but not mine

not mine

© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #18: a basket for his lady

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