is done

wait for the bubbles to stop

now you’ve begun
don’t falter
don’t rush

just hold steady

while you recall
the rain-forest pictures
you saw in the brochure
and ponder how far
you may go
how long you might travel

keep your hold
though the thrashing sounds
in truth it is muffled

and you
remain strong
strong enough
to have lasted beyond the turbulence
borne the splashed overflow
of tepid grey-water

every gusting
of this last tempest

see there
the bubbles grow smaller
they are gone

the water has calmed
it seems
quite gentle now
as never in so long before

perhaps all that is needed
is to rest for a time

yes a lie-in
with no threat of disturbance

a sleep that might last
for hours
for years
for one whole new lifetime

look now
it is placid
and the buzz
inside every thought
has finally faded and gone

get the towel
get the mop
clean the room
sing a song

the work here
at last
is all done

© Frank Prem, 2010

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