line dancers


there you go
my sweetling dancers
there you go

trip to the song
played whistling
by the wind

around and around
fly your skirts
a-jig for an hour
and whirl yourself
around me

under the applause
of the sweep-by clouds
around and around
dance around and around

under the applause
dance yourself
around me

© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #17: trying to be helpful


13 thoughts on “line dancers

  1. I love clothes lines and windy days …. the dance and still life tableaux is always entertaining and fascinating …. sneak peeks into the underworld 🙂

    (no, that’s not meant to sound creepy weird pervee)


  2. That was very good. I had a dog one time that pulled a sheet off the line and tore it up. Dad tied little bows in his hair and tied him to the clothes line. He told us to make fun of the dog every time we went by, to laugh and point our finger at him. The dog never bothered the clothes again

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