hot koala

a koala snorted
from the trees across the road
calling his lover to play
I thought to myself
she must be hard up
or there’s something in his call
that doesn’t translate
because it sounded like a bear
with his toe caught in a grate
and I hoped that he was better
when they met face-to-face
and I hoped that he was more
in every way

a koala snorted
from a tree across the road
called out in the middle of the day
I thought to myself
well he must be hard up
for there was something in his call
that was a little heart-breaking
sounded like he couldn’t bear
another night of waiting
and I hoped he’d find a mate
who’d be cuddly face to face
and I hoped that every snort
would be repaid

have you ever heard a koala
call out in the night
it’s like a sore head
in a bar-room
itching for a fight
and he gives it everything
that he’s got
must be the eucalyptus leaves
that make him so hot

© Frank Prem, 2012

7 thoughts on “hot koala

  1. hmmm …. I’m trying to imagine what that must sound like …. so my head is wildly running but I guess it would just have to be one of those experiences you really hear first hand; still – makes me wonder about such diversity in this world, and how little of it we actually get to experience or know.

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      • I’m sure …. I guess, it’s a bit like hearing raccoons chittering and when they are in distress, they screech and cry – and they sound human – it’s really unnerving – it sounds murderous. Of course, LOL – a mating call is another ball game, so hmm…. yeah, falling out of bed in astonishment and wonder? I can see that.

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