raising the pride

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations – Poem 58

today they’re okay
on this day at the start of october
I’m proud

this crew of mine
a random rag-tag of workers
has pulled together
to make it through the shift

it wasn’t without drama
sickness left their numbers down
experience was light on the ground
and there was madness in the air

hallucinated voices insinuating

hooch smoked out of sight of everyone

trouble brewing behind brooding looks

and a young guy rocking non-stop

he’s out the back in the high-dependency
with a head full of trouble
so f____d
that we don’t know what to do
and maybe there’s nothing we can do

I’m not sure what will become of him

but today the shift held up
they worked for each other
for the people they’re here for
and it went okay

I feel proud

© Frank Prem, 2016

Next – alzheimer’s in the twenty-first century


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