what happened

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations – Poem 55

she said

I wasn’t planning to throw a Sickie
halfway through the day

what happened is
I was going home for lunch
and I saw my son
I told you yesterday
about him having that chronic thing
that might turn out to be Cancer in his gut

the poor little bugger is only seventeen

anyway I saw him sitting on the fence
around the corner from home
and he was howling his eyes out

he’s tried so hard to be brave
but he just couldn’t hold it in
so I gave work away for the day
I’m sorry
I just knew that had to be my priority

I knew he was pretty sick
but I’ve tried to sort of protect him
from the facts of it
until I was sure just how bad it was
and could explain it all to him

but that f___ing Surgical Registrar
excuse my French
oh they’re such clever Doctors
but absolute fools as people

he just blurted it out
as though he was talking to an adult

there’s a hell of a difference
between seventeen years and fifty
when you’re being informed
you might have a Cancer

I’d be grateful if you’d tell the other Shift Leaders
that I might need time off at short notice
if I speak to them myself
I’ll just start crying again
and that wouldn’t be any help to anyone

I don’t know what’s going to happen

I’ll let you know

© Frank Prem, 2016

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