my girl (the mantis)

my girl is angry
she looks as if she’ll bite
if I don’t please her

her eyes are pinpoint
but I don’t know
what I could have done
to raise her ire

my girl is hungry
I look at her in lust
she says she’ll eat me

but I adore her
can’t stop myself
from making passes

making love

for when she nips me
I am aroused
and if she bites
I can go
for hours

my femme fatale
I can’t resist her
or I will die

my girl’s so sexy
a shimmy with her thorax

when she holds me
arms that keep me still
will take me to
mandibles of love

my girl is watching
she has me in her gaze
and there’s no leaving

I love her kisses
at my neck
I’m so in love
I’ve lost my mind

for when she nips me …

© Frank Prem, 2014



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