and the hell with the papers

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations – Poem 54

and in an illusion of sanity
I made piles of paper
out of the piles of paper

I picked up stack after stack
flicked through them
as quickly as I dared
to determine which had the potential
to bite me
which were likely to be benign

separated those that were personal

and I threw them
bundle by bedraggled bundle
behind the swivel
on which my working world turns

let them rot there for a day
a week
until I tire of their un-filed clutter
safe in the knowledge that there is no prospect
of lingering importance
in their yellowing ink-lines

it is not a great system
I know
but this is the first time
the first day
in many months
that I have seen the green inlay of my desk

and it makes me grin
with foolish pleasure

I don’t care
what I’ve not yet responded to
nor who I may be causing to wait
or to have to re-write a request

this has been
for me

© Frank Prem, 2016

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