eucalyptus farewell

an old windmill
across the back fence
is twirling
like it’s powered
by the current
from a river
of the wind

around and around
while the branches
high above
are waving
their eucalyptus fare-thee-well

bye and bye

bye and bye

we’ll see you
a little bit later

there’s been a promise spoken
that the rain might come
or maybe
early in the morning

when I look up at the sky
the clouds seem full
but the air is holding
only its memories
of a burning sun

the humidity
is enough
to broil me

but the trees
keep waving

so long

so long

so long and singing
a sweet shush
to the wind

bye shush-aby

and goodbye-bye

we’ll see you
in the morning

we’ll see you

bye shush-aby

will see you


© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #25: the plane of the poet


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