black visitor

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations – Poem 44

the black cat lies
in the doorway of the Unit
she isn’t after treatment

and I don’t believe she’s come to call
on someone residing
behind the doors

this is the Summer season
and the sun beats down
on the bricks and on the mortar
over the concrete that surrounds the Unit
and encloses us

the shouting is contained
but I can decipher every word I hear
as he screams out loud
to the bursting of his lungs

you bitch

he cries

you whore

he sends a wish for


that reverberates around the walls

do you like it

bitch whore

you kill babies

this is the Summer season
and today I saw a black cat
lying on her back full stretch

enjoying warmth
under a golden sun

she looks happy
but I don’t suppose
she’s after treatment

I don’t suppose
there’s anyone she wants to see
and I wonder
who could blame her
for that

© Frank Prem, 2016

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