my father is re-fixing his kitchen chairs
adding a second layer of foam
underneath the straps
that the furniture guy put in already

he has re-laid the new pavers
and re-aligned
a recently added patio fence

he is re-upholstering
the re-upholstered

it’s not
he says
that he is too fussy
it’s just that these workmen
get it so wrong
as if
they don’t take a pride in their work
or perhaps
they can’t conceptualise
the consequences
or the aesthetics

it seems as though
they only get shown
how to be half of a tradie
then get turned loose
before they finish their apprenticeship

it wasn’t good enough
when he was working for a living
and it isn’t good enough

seems like
a man has to spend his retirement
re-doing other peoples’ work

there could be
a new business opportunity
the world
to make it right

© Frank Prem, 2005

7 thoughts on “re-finishing

  1. I’m sorry, but I’m laughing because of the slight sarcasm and frustration that bleeds through at the end … your voice of watching all of this and your understanding …. so the last 3 stanzas just bring it all home …. and it’s kind of like “comic relief” because one sits and wonders at the “absurdity” of all of this – and yet, in some ways, doesn’t your father have a point? so often, in today’s world, it’s actually as if too many haven’t finished their apprenticeships … and for whatever reasons, no matter the “field” of endeavours, I add, it’s like being thrown out into the world and we all “make do” …. so the duality and dueling nature of this piece, of the ideas and thoughts etc. – well it’s so well done!

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