kick starting the morning

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations – Poem 41

it was over before it started

I’d never seen this guy before
not to say hello to
not to medicate
not to upset

no interactions

and I wasn’t close to him
three or four feet away
not even looking at him

but he said hello
in his own special way

my colleague told me it was nothing
and she was right

she said it’s just how
he announces himself
and I could see that was true too

she said he’d never intended
to make contact
and I had to agree

he’d missed me
after all

but she couldn’t quite convince me
that the kick he straightened out
just above my shoulder
an inch or two from my jaw
before turning around and walking off
was the right way to say

good morning

© Frank Prem, 2016

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6 thoughts on “kick starting the morning

  1. All that I can say is…I was never greeted at school with a kick almost to the side of my face! However, I was repeatedly growled at one entire year…by a nine year old. That was just the wrong way to say “good morning”, but no injuries! Well…the child did throw a chair at me one day. Forgot about that!!

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    • So many wrong ways to say hello, aren’t there? In my case, I had to reconstruct what happened before I could feel scared for what might have beeen!

      Teaching has to have some very low moments as well, Pat. Less and less self control taught at home, or evident in public.


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