the weed of rights

Psychiatry 4: Acute Observations – Poem 39

he said

that isn’t really a joint you know
it’s just a kind of
with green

and I know it’s not the usual shape for a
roll-roll-roll-your-own cigarilla but it
takes all kinds and if I want
to use up my cigarette papers
that way
I think that’s my business


he said

well alright but
I didn’t smoke it
you caught me too soon
and I only would have taken a puff what harm
can a single puff do to you or me
we are men of the world
and I’ve smoked this stuff
daily for thirty-two years
so have you
I bet
haven’t you
come on you can tell me
my friend

we are both men


he said

it was only for me
just a private device for my mental health
I don’t know how that other guy got any but
I’m no dealer
I’m not
look at me look at me do I look
like a dealer


I’m an honest man
honest like the sun in the sky
the length of a day
you can trust me
my friend

I would never do that


he said

but that’s bullshit
you know there’s no truth in that tale
I’m not ill
I’m well
and the doctors those bastards
have no business to be holding me here
against my will
I could sue them you know
and I might just do that I will sue them
for having no right to hold me
to treat me with pills and injections
while denying these things
that I need

I want my release
want my freedom
want out of here and you
give me back my weed

you’re all bastards and shits
go away
I thought I could trust you but
you’re a bad man
as bad
just as bad
as the rest

you are not good

© Frank Prem, 2016

Next – shook up: looking better


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