consumers now

Psychiatry 3: After Asylum – Poem 36

in the game
they’re referred to now
as consumers
with services delivered
to a place called home

but I used to know them
a little better than that

they were
ella and ferdie and max
and eddie and pinky and b-ee-ill

they’re long gone now
and never come to mind
except on visits
to deserted day-rooms
and haunted dormitories

© Frank Prem, 2016

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10 thoughts on “consumers now

  1. The homeless shelter I worked in referred to residents as clients. A client tried to wack me in the back of the head with an ironing board when he was drunk. Another client jumped from a 2nd floor window leaving her kids to go get high.

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    • Yes Michael. That is exactly exact. A change of name, a decrease in assistance because the name itself suggests a different kind of customer. Except, that customer, receiving less support, becomes even more of whatever it is.

      Shocking business to make sense of, let alone provide assistance to. Good on you for trying, I say.


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