above the alps

someday I will write these ranges I am flying above

it is a day of sun
the sharp-edged slopes are dirty green in its dying
angular shapes lengthened in shadow

the unrolling loneliness of ridge after covered ridge
is broken by the anachronistic symmetry
that is the straightness of roads
carved through the forest wilderness

snow on the plateau
is an ache in honey-golden whiteness
that trails to disappearance down river beds and gullies

it must be cold
but the plateau sings a low song of warmth

someday when I can see clearly
beyond the distortion of aeroplane vapours
I will write these ranges

I will

© Frank Prem, 2002


9 thoughts on “above the alps

  1. I hadn’t thought about it like that Pat, but I think it is true at times. I have tended to use my ‘day-to’day’ writing in lieu of pictures – I’m not much of a snapper at all, but I found I could write a scene to do that aide memoir (?) kind of job.

    I just mentioned to Tom that re-reading this piece brings images of the flight (to Canberra, I think) to mind and an a sense of the ranges I was writing about.

    So, yes.




  2. I remember in any writing classes, teachers would say, “don’t tell, show!” So written language could show a 3D pictures, I think. Talking about the ridges, we watched the nature channel about Norwegian mountain range with sharp ridges. My husband said he used to ride dirt bikes on the ridges no wider than one foot! I’m glad he did it before he met me!!!!!!

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