huntington’s marionette

Psychiatry 2: Student Daze – Poem 32

she is young
perhaps forty years old
but in with the psycho-geriatrics

huntington’s chorea
makes her dance
in a long slow death
that steals the mind
before it takes the body

she is drooling

and for the duration
of a six-week long
rostered placement
has possession
of my breaking heart

© Frank Prem, 2016

Notes on: huntington’s marionette

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9 thoughts on “huntington’s marionette

    • Thanks Roland. Yes, I can’t remember being so moved by the hopeless plight of anyone else in my career. I recall a lot of discussion about the best time to press the button for suicide or assisted dying – student talk – and how we all felt she’d missed a trick and lived too long.

      It was pretty gruesome.


  1. God, yes. Huntingdon’s, along with Parkinson’s and MS are probably the cruellest of diseases – taking the body whilst the mind has no choice but to watch what happens. I worked with some patients with that, and I just wanted to weep.

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