let the runners run

the cucurbits
are away at last

pumpkins have spread
outside their circle

the white squash
has raised
a yellow flower
but trails behind
which sends fruit out ahead
and puts a flower on top

a little Carmen

at last the cucumber
looks like it might
get serious
it considered
for awhile
if it might prefer
simply to die

tomatoes have settled in
ready to sprawl
or to dance themselves
around a supportive pole

such sexual creatures

the new strawberries
each wears one off-set flower
adornment fashion
this time
from Tahiti

sweet potatoes
are planning paths
the bed is theirs
to claim

the melons have survived
their uncertainties
and I think they’re sure now

so let the runners run
the sprawlers sprawl

let the climbers
for the sky

this is Summertime
let the flowers show

Autumn will be here
soon enough
to kiss these running times

© Frank Prem, 2017

Poem #08: picking wild sunshine


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