row your boat

Psychiatry 2: Student Daze – Poem 26

a tall gaunt man
from the retardation wards
walks the grounds daily

nondescript overalls
and absent socks

in a world of his own

I see him spread
a large white table-napkin
on the ground
take a seat on it
and begin to rock
as though rowing a boat

he leaves the napkin behind
when he wanders away

drawn in blue biro
to fit the boundaries of his canvas
are the boards
seat and oarlocks
of a rowboat

© Frank Prem, 2016

Notes on: row your boat

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11 thoughts on “row your boat

  1. Sometimes, I think, we miss so much when we are dismissive of people with mental health problems. Of course, for those who are institutionalized, well, there is little chance of interactions regularly, with the outside world, but still, the mind – well, for as much as we know and understand, from any perspective – scientific, holistic etc. well, the truth is, we know little if anything at all. And this man, well, clearly, how can one not read this poem and not be wondering, curious and wanting – to begin to explore the fathoms and depths of this person – not as “subject” but as a human – a person, with spirit, soul, feelings, thoughts.

    Wonderfully evocative Frank 🙂

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