birdies at meal time

Psychiatry 2: Student Daze – Poem 24 

two of us
supervise the meal-time queue

a woman
talking back to voices
preoccupied and distant
reaches across
takes my colleagues hair
in one hand
and drives her head
into the solid wall

the woman collects her meal
wanders to her chair
and commences eating
still preoccupied
with inner voices

my colleague
is trying to follow the path
of a flight of colourful birds
circling her head

© Frank Prem, 2016

Next – bathing the locked ward

Notes on: birdies at meal time


9 thoughts on “birdies at meal time

    • Hi CS.

      Yes, no serious harm done on that occasion, but we were pretty raw, and guidance was scant. I still work with the nurse concerned and the patient is still alive and in care also.

      Much water under that bridge.


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