time awareness

what is time

I don’t know

something then
is different now

if the same
then it must be I
who have changed

it is an idea
that shapes everything

does time change

and how
is that achieved

or is it me
that alters to accommodate
a different

I read somewhere
some person of wisdom has decreed
one second

the year just past
had to be made more
by just one second

is that
can that be real

surely someone’s playing at god
or timelord

how will I be changed
if they cannot
surely they cannot
be sure
what they are doing

what right do they have
to tamper

I always thought
that time was self-aware
to do without
second thinking

© Frank Prem, 2017

With thanks to Marts, who brought this to attention through one of her many informative posts.

Poem #02: on the move with Zorro


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