lazy lizard (dreaming)

the old blue lizard that lazy blue lizard has got nothing to do but to sleep in the drain he knows I’m looking but he’s not moving that old blue lizard has just got time to dream and he dreams the sunshine he dreams the soft breeze but he won’t be raising his head up … Continue reading lazy lizard (dreaming)

Top 5 for 2016 – from the archives (daily prompt)

It has been a great pleasure to find work that responded approximately to the daily Prompt provided by WordPress. The hours are a bit murderous, though. The prompt was initially becoming available to me in Australia here at 10:00 pm - lovely. Then we went over to daylight saving time, so the hour became 11:00 … Continue reading Top 5 for 2016 – from the archives (daily prompt)

A Man Called Merry Christmas

A man called Merry Christmas lives behind the Safeway, among the boxes and bins of the season of festive cheer. He is a long white beard and rat-nest shock of hair, not combed since gone forever. Blue eyes sparkling under a new December sun, above a toothless smile, inside a wide and empty grin. A … Continue reading A Man Called Merry Christmas

Top 5 (or 6) poems – end of year review-

I started posting my poems back in May 2016 because between Leanne and myself, we had a couple of songwriting projects that interested us and we we were contemplating putting in a submission to do some work as a team. At that point, I had no place that could serve as an accessible CV of … Continue reading Top 5 (or 6) poems – end of year review-

The Reviewer, by Frank Prem

A lovely Christmas Present from the good folk at Red Wolf Journal who have published one of my poems – The Reviewer.

Ho ho ho.

Cheers to everyone,


Red Wolf Journal

The Reviewer
by Frank Prem

why relief
he asked himself

it wasn’t better
sometimes worse

so why the feeling of relief

like a third person
a reviewer
hovering above
he looked back and down
at himself

at how good it had been

he found it hard to say aloud
what was in his head
feeling himself to be in battle
with an irrational conviction
that the sound of the words
would either turn everything
into overblown reality
or prove the lie

every good thing magnified
to an impossible goodness

every negative grown enlarged
until it loomed

he reflected on the way the unspoken
could be ignored
changed if need be
or hugged in a warmth
that hadn’t been aspired to
and could never be uttered aloud
for fear

he considered her

her need to hear him
his thoughts
his feelings
his reassurances

how he had tried

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two totters

Merry Christmas and season's greeting to all, from me and my gang of misfit characters and imaginings. May you each totter to a lovely year end, and an extra ... an extra whatever it is that you most crave. Frank she totters when she walks it’s as though her heels could be stilettos even though she’s … Continue reading two totters

can’t trust the rice

he is almost inarticulate in his fury almost desperate in his need to chastise her how many times have I said when you’re cooking you can’t you mustn’t do anything else how many times ~ well she said I thought both of you were right there surely you would know when the rice needed to … Continue reading can’t trust the rice