Top 5 for 2016 – from the archives (daily prompt)

It has been a great pleasure to find work that responded approximately to the daily Prompt provided by WordPress. The hours are a bit murderous, though. The prompt was initially becoming available to me in Australia here at 10:00 pm – lovely.

Then we went over to daylight saving time, so the hour became 11:00 pm. Not so flash.

Then, WordPress also went over to daylight saving time, so now it comes out at midnight.

I used the daily prompt word as my excuse for trawling through years of my personal poetry archives, reacquainting myself with my own early work. The result is around 150 odd poems that have seen the light of day, some for the first time.

For today’s review, I thought I’d try to nominate 5 pieces that I think merit another airing. I’ve assigned a brief rationale for selecting each piece. There is no special order to the poems.

5. cloudy face prayer: This has always felt like a spiritual moment to me – as close as I overtly come to such things.

4. april moon: An outright favourite. The magic of writing, the despair of words drying up.

3. materinski jezik – the mother tongue: Feedback suggests this piece touches something that resonates with migrant families – like my own. The process of assimilation at work.

2. don’t think about: I posted a collection of poems about the 2009 bushfires in Victoria. This is a piece from fires in 2003, but deals with the great poignant reality of the bushfire experience. And here we are in hot summer, again.

1. dreams of a lesser child: I think the this piece speaks to every person who has ever aspired in love, to reach their personal unattainable goal.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 for 2016 – from the archives (daily prompt)

    • Hi YWWP.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      It’s not a self assessment in any greatly meaningful sense, just a retrospective look through a great many posts, covering quite a few categories of work.



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