Top 5 (or 6) poems – end of year review-

I started posting my poems back in May 2016 because between Leanne and myself, we had a couple of songwriting projects that interested us and we we were contemplating putting in a submission to do some work as a team.

At that point, I had no place that could serve as an accessible CV of my creative writing work and so Leanne set me up with the blog,and I began posting like crazy – self-published books, poems published here and there and so on. The aim was that the party on the other end of our submission could readily check out some of my work, and also some of Leanne’s activities (which I recommend for a visit).

Well, I had forgotten what a hungry creative beast I am. I became quite addicted to putting my work on the blog and that only intensified as I realised that there were such things as likes and follows in play in the blogosphere. I know, I know, I’m not the first, won’t be the last, but it is both a humbling and an inspiring knowledge.

I’ve been inspired by the sense that I could place my work before a group of people who might willingly read (that would be yourself) and give feedback. That duty has been solely Leanne’s for quite a while now.

Now, at year end, I have been interested to look back and see what flew and what flopped – as measured by your like button.

Without further ado, the best liked pieces so far (and please feel free to revisit):

Fifth: Fading Beyond

Fifth: through passion (hey!)

Fourth: the new gecko

Third: necessary preparations

Second: amaze me

First: old dogs

For me, there are some surprises in this group, but I’m also delighted  by them.

Thank you.

Top 5 (or 6) – end of year review

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16 thoughts on “Top 5 (or 6) poems – end of year review-

  1. Wait! I discovered you late. My count is yet to be counted in.
    That said, I rather enjoy the psychiatric series.

    In public or private, would you speak to poems that you publish instantly via blog and whether you also have poems composed that you are keeping in reserve for future traditional publication consideration (submit, wait, approve, wait, publish, etc.)? I see the “Published, prized or placed” category but it doesn’t reveal how your blog adventure has or hasn’t altered your attitude.

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    • Hi Sandra – hope you’re well into an amazing Christmas for you and yours.

      Glad you’re enjoying the Psych poems. It’s a huge part of my life, but one I don’y always get to put in proper context, even now.

      Some good questions you’re asking. I’ve been happy to post fresh poems for my poem-a-day set. They are brand new and I’m quite proud of a few of them – it has felt like a rich and productive writing period since I started a few months back.

      By and large, I am trawling my archives to respond to the daily prompt, so they are older poems – I’ll do a little best of of those in the next couple of days as well, I think.

      But I’m also keeping some aside. Some complete collections that I’ll post as I am with the psych poems, and also some new work that I think is pretty hot, and which I’ll sit on for awhile – new directions and exciting work (to me, anyway).

      Phew. There you have it.

      Glad to know yo’re enjoying some pieces.



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    • I didn’t answwer quite. Yes, some of the very recent works – along the lines of ‘baitfish waiting’ are from new inspiration. Some of these I am going to try out initially on some traditional publications.

      I don’t really have a lot of faith in these though. editors get swamped, they are looking for something in particular on a given day and so on. I tend to do a little better if there is a prompt that I can match work to.

      There is also the fact (as it turns out) that I can possibly reach more readers through the blog than through traditional publications. That becomes a real consideration, as there’s not an income or even great prestige available to most writers, most of the time through traditional means. What’s it for, if not to be read?

      That about does it LOL.



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      • Yes, a little snow on Christmas Eve afternoon today and time with some family tomorrow evening. Thank you for the well wishes.

        This is something for all writers to keep in mind and I find it encouraging to remember: “Editors get swamped, they are looking for something in particular on a given day and so on.”

        I appreciate you taking the time to provide the insight into your writing process and details.

        Best to you in the new year!

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