two totters

Merry Christmas and season’s greeting to all, from me and my gang of misfit characters and imaginings. May you each totter to a lovely year end, and an extra … an extra whatever it is that you most crave.

she totters
when she walks

it’s as though her heels
could be stilettos
even though she’s barefoot

no matter the footwear
the totter-gait remains

perhaps due to an uncertainty
of medication
of weight gained
of life preoccupied
lived out in her mind

the first totter
is slow
pronounced and ponderous

a little bit
drunk at the end of a long day
at the races

her mind is busy
with complaint about
the absence of a menthol cigarette

with a request
to which the answer
is already

with a threat
that failure to deliver on this important demand
means that she
will simply have to
before dinner is served
on Christmas Day

it is a thoughtful

totter two
is a dance step
there is jaunt
and there is precarious haste

oh Happy Christmas!
joy to all


potato chips with honey soy
a Strasbourg sausage loaf
a herring roll mop
an ice cream
an extra cigarette


© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #28: lazy lizard (dreaming)

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