sulphur-crested Christmas fools

the cockatoos
are swooping around

the plums
ripening yellow

and the sulphur-crested
snow-white fools
are practiced in the art
of bending balance
at the end of laden branches

oh yes
they are a nuisance

the pulpy mess
they leave below them
is no rose

but dotted
here and there
among the greenery

they are baubles
on the tree
with the one perched
at the highest point
in the designated role
of angel

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #21: ping pong, under certain conditions

11 thoughts on “sulphur-crested Christmas fools

      • Well, it is illegal to export them out of your country (and for us,in the U.S., to try to obtain them). They can be bred here in the U.S. (and then sold). I once knew a woman who, before she died of old age, would breed them and sell them for over $2,500 each. I used to breed the large South American macaws… but quit doing that as i got to be older.
        They belong mostly in nature… and you are very lucky to see them that way… any damage aside! 🙂

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