the world’s greatest lover

she said

I think you must be
the world’s best lover

he could feel her voice
as a vibration
rising through his chest
to reach inside his head

you care more for me
than for yourself

he said nothing
but considered what it is
that constitutes truth
kissed the top of her head
stretched his arms further around her
to fend away the breeze
rising with the tide on the bay


she said

you must be
the world’s best lover

you don’t change
always give me what I want

I think you’re afraid to ask
for yourself

he wondered about that
whether she was right
knowing she might be
hugged himself tight inside
said nothing


she said

you might be
the world’s best lover
but you never give
anything of yourself

I never know what’s going on
inside your head

it’s good it’s great
just sometimes I want be
in there with you
do you know what I mean

he looked at her
opened his mouth
to tell her a story of himself
closed it again
felt a shortness in his breath
the loudness
of his heartbeat


she said

you were a great lover
the best

kissed him on his cheek

he held her close in a hug
tight for a moment
gazed out to the bay
and the water
behind her shoulder
not thinking anything

turned to leave

noticed his breath
came easier today

© Frank Prem, 2003


7 thoughts on “the world’s greatest lover

  1. This is really wonderful – the tension and unease building throughout the verses – it almost came as a relief that he walked away! (although perhaps she would disagree) ….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The first stanza remind me of many guys. My former district superintendent was a charismatic leader, but he told me that he was a loner. Opened his mouth…closed his mouth again… that’s when some guys start feeling uneasy… they feel naked, exposed… and decided to disassociate. That’s my observation of some guy… Sorry, I might have gone off to my story. Wonderful poem, makes me think!

    Liked by 1 person

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