Search For My Soul

mostly they are brown and dry
except for small holes
where the laces thread
to keep the tongues inside
and the leather hugging close
around my size 10 feet
but this time there’s a fault in one
I can feel a damp sensation
at the bottom of my sock
I am adjacent to a puddle
but the water level’s rising
and if it saturates my trouser leg
I could be at risk from rising damp
I do not trust the weather agents
who say today was fine
and tomorrow will be better
except for water on my knee
I think there’s rust
forming on the key ring in my pocket
perhaps they’ve all corroded
and won’t open up the door
so I can escape the creeping tide
that laps a first touch
the one I hate
around the goolies makes me shiver
up and down my spine
and almost ill with apprehension
that naval battle may be launched
in the vicinity of my belly
perhaps it’s submarines
below the yellow shirt
and teddy bear tie I wore
to work today
I need a bottle to keep this note dry
and a cork
floating by below my chin
the gutter must be overflowing
I may need to send out
for a snorkel and a face mask
though perhaps as I am drowning
even my life
will flash before me
from the moment of conception
to this last over-beating
gulp of moments
I have heard it can be spiritual
that a man may find his soul then
and surely I could use mine right now
because these wretched shoes
are letting in the waters
of the world

© Frank Prem, 2001

4 thoughts on “Search For My Soul

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