all included

to commence
he wrote his desk
and then the room
his den

onto the page
went the window
the garden
the parkland
trees shrubs
a small dog
all of them

he incorporated the house
starting from the basement
rising to the attic
the chimneys

a line of pigeons
astride a ridge
running along the centre
of the roof

his street
the road
the houses
the neighbors
all of them
all of them
into the story

all that he could think of
all that he could imagine
he wrote

at last
when it seemed
he had included
the whole of the world

he wrote his wife
his children

and then
he was done

with a tear
beginning to spill
from the corner
of an eye
he looked around

saw nothing

© Frank Prem, 2016


7 thoughts on “all included

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  2. This is such an all encompassing poem – and the ending? Wow – sheer brilliance!

    I love the feeling of the emptiness, of the loss, which you’ve captured so well. It’s an odd realization in some way, that if you stop and think about it, from a certain perspective, it makes on question the act of creation, of painting, or writing – how we “take” and weave and include etc. and then, when it’s done – what is left? Not only does this touch on the sense of “endings” – a sense of completion and putting some to “rest” as it were – but it also makes me think on how it is we have then “affected” or changed what is? And in the case of words – well, we alter and shape and either literally transcribe, but sometimes, we break things into pieces and refashion them in new ways, and so, from some point of view, I ask myself – have we really altered something concrete? Is that possible?

    Right then, just my musings during the very early morning hours ….. great poem Frank! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Pat.

      Well. Gosh.

      You’ve jumped right into the heart of this piece.

      I am obsessing at the moment over the powerful magic of words and you’ve seen clearly what I was attempting.

      Thank you for such a fine and involved reading.


      Liked by 1 person

      • your welcome 🙂

        Actually, I don’t think my comment did your piece justice, but in my wake, it was the extreme early hours before dawn here …. so my head was quite fuzzled.

        All this to say, as I first read your piece, and then through the subsequent readings, your questing and obsessing “over the magic of words” just came upon me – silently and “friendly” mist/ghost like …. and I was like “hmmm …. now that is interesting.” So I think your exploration is fascinating and your attempts are spot on. It’s sometimes difficult to word things that are, essentially, intangible – more philosophical musings. But definitely on the right track you are! And it definitely makes for very interesting reading and thinking 🙂

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