word is to image (in a letter)

Sometimes I find that words drag on a lit …

before he was able
to complete what he was writing
on the page
drastic measures became necessary

some time previously
he had acquired
for this very purpose
a small wooden mallet
a gavel
of sorts

he gripped it firmly now
raised it
and with a resounding
brought it down

on a nascent black and white
grey-smoke creature
attempting to rise
through a squashing
and shaping
of the letters and lines
in the incomplete sentence

this tendency
for words to free-associate
into unplanned imagery
even as he wrote
was increasingly
becoming annoying

Apologies for that mess on the page. It became necessary to crack down on a random phrase that I had not intended. I am wondering if I should change pens, or perhaps revert to a pencil.

If I’m not careful, a word like that can begin to smoke before I’ve realized and then I end up feeling a little light headed …

oh dear
another one

the outline of a man’s features
hair and cranium
had begun to accrete
lit from behind
in a kind of shadow

a cigarette
appeared to hang loosely
from the mouth


I’m sorry. My concentration is not what it should be today. I’ll have to try to write to you again, tomorrow. I might just as well play a few word games to amuse myself, rather than attempt any serious undertaking.


almost he had missed
the beginning of an emergence
shaped as a coffin



might as well
enjoy himself
with a little play



the extended head
of an apis mellifera



that was too much
too graphic

choosing his words
he placed his pen
on the desk
and turned
his mind

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #9: weather forecasting


11 thoughts on “word is to image (in a letter)

  1. Free associations should be banned? Seriously? Noooo ….. sometimes they offer the best starting points in terms of allowing inspiration to strike and lead one into the realms of connections that the conscious, forceful mind wouldn’t normally make, much less consider or understand! Besides, therein lies the mystery, yes?

    I love the word play here in this piece – fun and easy and yet creative enough to just make the connections that most creative commoners share 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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