axeman: chopping a cord

it has turned into
a summer job

I have dawdled
for too long

by now I should have
chopped my way
through next winter

but the heat
has caught me
and now I sweat and toil
on summered days

these rounds of wood
are patient
but they nag

and so
the splitter rises
and so
I hurl myself
into this
breaking of the wood

my sweat
is the only moisture
I can see
from the precipice
of my nose


how high
is a cord of wood

it’s higher
than what you’ve done here

how long will it take
to chop one cord

a lot longer

when can I stop
to take a drink of water

you haven’t cut
your cord yet
for the fire

but how long
is that cord
of wood

it’s much longer

keep chopping

just keep on

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #7: seasonal


3 thoughts on “axeman: chopping a cord

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