fading beyond

we are waiting for the rain
that generally comes
at autumn

with the turning of the leaves
from green and silver
into red
to brown
before they fall

the litter
like a carpet I can hear
when I am walking
is the dry of sticks
yellow grass
and colours gone

the way of seasons
fled beyond the equinox
we celebrated in our hearts
a heart-clutched handful
of days ago

and when the cumulus rose high
we felt our pulses quicken

absence of the heat
and sun
in a stretch that lasted hours
was worth a hope
and half a smile

but that day resolved
like the days before
and already autumn seems as though
it’s passed us by

my feet upon the ground
are dust
and crunch
on leaves
faded beyond their colours
to dry powder
blown like empty promises
on autumn air

© Frank Prem, 2008


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