spe-lli-ng b-y nu-mbe-rs

Poem #18 from Small Town Kid
Small Town Kid will be posted (again) as a complete collection a little way down the track. Other, currently published and available, collections can be found here.


I learned to spell in small numbers
multiples of three
has five and one remainder

I would mis-spell words deliberately
to keep the numbers neat
I do not like remainders-s

that was seven (four)

I gu-ess- it’s- ski-rti-ng o-n ob- ses-sio-n
bu-t I d-on’t- thi-nk t-hat- mat-ter-s to-o mu-ch

when I was small people used to think
that I was saying the words under my breath
moving my lips as children do when reading
but I was counting in threes
to the end of the word the line the page

spelling in small numbers

I so-met-ime-s do- it s-til-l

© Frank Prem 2009

4 thoughts on “spe-lli-ng b-y nu-mbe-rs

    • Ha, yes and I mentally stretched and shrank words and sentences to make them fit the rule of threes – just like that!

      That’s very cute, jumping two’s, then jumping threes.

      Kiddie obsessions, hey?



      Liked by 1 person

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