the crocodile trainer

I am the crocodile trainer

I have an egg-flip
in my hand
and six sets of teeth
are smiling up at me
as I line them up


big one on the left
descending in size
until I get to the
big one on the right
who’s now climbing
all over his neighbour

Hey! Hey!
watch out for my sheets
 with those claws

tonight I have to sleep
in that

I have delivered a smack
sharp across the tip
of a nose

and somehow my egg-flip
seems to get
a good response

and there they are
my croco-stars

six mouths open
six in a simultaneous

and I am ready
to wake up now
job done

the crocodile -trainer’s job
is done

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #30: venus of the eucalypts

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