the last annual show

wandering around
the annual show
I see the same names
winning every prize

in the bonsai
the succulents
the red roses

in the preserved fruits
in the handcrafts
and fancy stitching

Neil says sure
you can take
my picture

because I’ve won
half the show
with exhibits of my own

I’m everywhere
this could be the last year

because everyone is tired
and they don’t want to organize

see the committee
is hovering
around eighty

none of them can compute
except to skype
with their great grandchild

so they want to keep everything
by pen
and by paper

but in a digital age
even fruit preserves
demand a little more

and no one
wants to put their hand up
for volunteering

and nobody want
to take time out
from facebook
and things like that

so this show
might be the last one
that you can come to

better catch
a carny ride
they won’t be back

and my bonsai
I’ll still trim it
that one’s a moreton bay fig
and I couldn’t quit this
if I tried

but I won’t be back

there’s no place
for old crafts
slow growing

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #29: the crocodile trainer


8 thoughts on “the last annual show

    • They sure are.

      The chap today was highlighting that the old guard still run the show, and can’t adapt, but there is no new guard to take over at all.

      A bit sad, and yet, I’m not a great fan myself. We only went because Leanne entered a couple of art works in their display.




    • Thanks Fritz.

      It’s an inevitable demise, and even the remnants are very ‘last century’, but it’s a part of the childhood of a certain age group (mine, actually), so it’s a sad event, but the Show is an anachronism, I think and had to go.

      Yep, sad.

      More wine, please …



      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, more wine, indeed! My wife and I recently took our son to a NZ Symphony Orchestra performance and we were about the youngest there by a mile. Lots of kind old folk, eager to talk to my son about music. A tinge of sadness.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know exactly what you’re saying.

        I find concerts put on by the young – at school and such. I have a little series (3 I think) of a school concert soiree that I’ll look for a chance to post. I have enjoyed even the braying off-notes in my time.

        I’ll post when I can.

        Probably the worst element is that it was a way of isolated people coming together., and I don’t think that works anymore – not in person, anyway.

        Phew! It’s a good red I’m drinking.


        Here’s to the demise, god help us with the replacement.



        Liked by 1 person

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