my a*** belongs to the government

I’m not
in any way
a paranoid

I’m not

but I believe
the government
is after my arse


the day that I turned fifty (somethingsomething)
it was quite a long time

the government
sent me a letter
signed with love

send us
a little specimen

they asked

collect it
on the spoon
that we’ll provide

don’t be embarassed

it’s for your own good

you can trust us

we love you have your very best
in mind


well I ignored that letter
as you can
well believe

no specimen of mine
is going
for tests in a

no thank you


time passed


I was anxiously

the mail should bring
an exciting new
old tome

I bought it on e-bay
a French Philosophy
a book that’s going to set
my poetic heart
on fire

and there
when I glanced out
of my window

a package
too big to fit inside
the mailbox

oh boy

oh boy oh boy

oh boy


hello Frank
is your government

last chance now
we’re asking you nice
we’re asking kindly

where is
the specimen we require

don’t try to tell us
that collecting it
was too hard

we gave you
the spoon
we gave
the jar

we gave a stamped-return-envelope
with each step
on a how-to-do card

we want our your specimen

we want it now

we need to
take a deep look
inside your bowels

why do you resist us

we are your friends

if you don’t return this
the friendship ends
takes on a new twist

your specimen

we await
your swift reply


oh boy

oh boy

© Frank Prem, 2016

Poem #28: the last annual show


20 thoughts on “my a*** belongs to the government

  1. 2016 represented change. Only time will tell if the change is good, or bad…but until then, we need to look at 2017….new beginnings. Younger generations need to come together in 2017 and stand up for what we know is right. The world isn’t as big as it used to be…not to us. And we have the power to overcome the older generations and take our world back NOW! We can bring control back to the people, how it was always supposed to be. We own enough of the population to control what is right and wrong, and make a real impact on the future. We don’t need to stand back just watching while our world burns. Join me in taking our world back in 2017. Happy New Years!

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