normal wonder


canberra has been buried
by ice

a massive hail storm anyway

about a metre deep
in places

filling shops and houses
meeting places
and centres of discourse

biggest storm
in years

but here
we had clouds
on the horizon

light shows and grumbles
but not that good wet stuff

I drove past a water-channel
two days ago

they were doing flood irrigation
around the fruit trees

the channel was full
water was lying in the ground
and I felt


I’ve been feeling that way
a lot

I wonder if the rain
when it comes
it will come
one of these days

when it comes
I wonder if it will
wash away
the helplessness

leave me
feeling on top of things

as though they’d made
the right decisions

I wonder
will the rain
change everyone’s life

anyone’s life

back to

I wonder
what that would feel like

© Frank Prem, 2006

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