the hostess gift

she said she thought that maybe
she was born to this
it comes so easy

when they go home laughing
and tell what a rare time
was had by one and all

it’s really only cooking up a meal
and decking out a space
letting children have their head
in a small world of chaos they can control
while we proceed
with a certain lack of formal air

step across the solid semi-sculptings
canvassed art and poems
still laying on the floor
from the last imprompted
exhibition and recital
in the kitchen while the soup cooked
as we sipped sauvignon
swirled from the elegance of champagne flutes

it’s giving everyone a taste
eliciting opinion on the flavour
and never never being ready
not quite ready when they come
an invitation to involvement
from the start

most of all
she said
she believes it comes of
wanting to

© Frank Prem, 2002


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