lagoon #28

it resembles a desolation

the nondescript weed
that has grown in the aftermath
of water
is a sickly shade of green
and stands as tall as a man

it is like a pestilence
surrounding the last of the pond
and together with the brown algae
suggests stagnation

the fish are evident
in clusters
gathered where the floor of the pond
dips slightly
to accommodate a bare centimetre
of extra water

when I walk this way
to see what is left
I carry a slightly sickly sensation
in my stomach
before the first sight

I’m almost at the stage
of wishing I could not visit
any more

no need to witness
the coup de grâce
I am drawn to this

there is nothing to be done
the pond will dry
and yet

this small note
may be a larger sum
than nothing

© Frank Prem, 2006

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