lagoon #26

I can’t help but smile

this morning there is a crowd
perhaps even
a gaggle

two herons
three spoonbills

an ibis

all beaking their way
around the waterhole
at pace

a veritable frenzy

they’re able to walk
from end to end now

the water has dropped
far enough
to allow full concentration
on the job at hand

one spoonbill
is a standout

he has a black bill
and an unruly hairstyle

yellow feathers rise
in a shock
at the back of his neck
as though he is related
to a sulphur crested cockatoo
or at least shares hairdressers
with such a gang
of reprobates

it’s fascinating to watch
these large white wading birds
on a pondage I always thought better suited
to ducks
and swimmers

© Frank Prem, 2006

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