describing mr volta’s love life

the vacuum’s in a love affair
with chair legs

a three timer in the lounge
he peeps
one edge
around each corner
just in case
sweet-sofa is on the scene

a long-hose clean-a-nova
with a filthy pick-up line
he gives a satisfying rattle
when the trash-chat starts
and he can dish up dirt

and give his girls
the low-down
on the living room
what goes on
beneath the beds

and sweetheart
did you hear
about the rumpus …

winks the slide on his air flow meter
and smiles
in that special way
a grin that stretches
right across his nozzle

then he pivots round
whisks away
and it’s

bye bye bye
mr volta
see you again
in a week or so

come and wrap your cord
around my queen
annie curves
and tell me more
tell me more
yes tell me all your stories
about the world
beyond the plumping
of my cushions

© Frank Prem, 2009


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